System X-accredited vehicle detailing Geelong

Paint protecting ceramic coating for cars

Is your car looking old and worn? Maybe your headlights are faded and your paintwork has a few scratches and dents. Bring your car into our vehicle detailing centre in North Geelong and the team at Pitstop Car Wash will have your car looking and feeling brand-new again!

Vehicle detailing with System X ceramic coatings

We’re proud to be a System X accredited applicator here in Geelong, offering our clients unrivalled protection and enhancement for all vehicle surfaces. The System X ceramic coatings range is an industry leader when it comes to renewing and protecting paintwork, glass and material vehicle features.

System X ceramic coatings are specially formulated to bond with the surface of your vehicle, becoming a stronger, harder, more durable and glossier functional surface. System X coatings protect your car’s paintwork from scratches, holograms, marring, swirl marks and fading and reduce the effect of UV radiation, salt, sand, moisture, corrosives and other contaminants.

Vehicle detailing packages

No matter the size, shape or type of car you own, at Pitstop Car Wash we have a vehicle detailing package that suits your needs and budget. We know what it takes to bring your car back to its best – and our passionate team will treat your car with the same TLC as if it was our own car.

Our basic Inside Out vehicle detailing package starts at just $59 and offers excellent value for money, providing a great interior and exterior clean.

Depending on your needs and the level of care your car requires, we also offer more tailored detailing packages. Our top-of-the-range Ultimate Detail Package includes all the basics, as well as engine degreasing and dressing and single-stage paint correction.

If you have just bought a second-hand car, or are thinking about selling your car, our vehicle detailing packages are perfect for bringing out that extra shine that can make all the difference.

Please contact us to find out more about our full range of vehicle detailing services or to book your spot.

Get in touch with Pitstop Group to book your detailing service or drop in to our 24-hour self-service car wash.

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