Convenient and stress-free DIY dog wash at Pitstop Group carwash in Geelong

If you’re a dog lover, you know how important it is to keep your furry friend clean and healthy. However, bathing your dog at home can be daunting, especially if your furry friend is large or not a fan of being washed. That’s where Pitstop Group Carwash in Geelong comes in! Our state-of-the-art indoor dog wash facilities in North Geelong offer a convenient and stress-free way to keep your furry friend clean and healthy.

Here are just a few reasons why you should bring your dog to Pitstop Group Carwash for a DIY dog wash:

1. Convenience

Our indoor dog wash facilities are available year-round, rain or shine, and are designed to make the dog washing process as easy and convenient as possible. We provide all the tools and supplies you need to wash your dog, including shampoo, conditioner, towels, and a blow dryer.

2. Stress-free

Many dogs do not enjoy being washed in a bathtub or outdoor hose, which can make the process stressful and difficult. Our indoor dog wash facilities are designed with your furry friend in mind, and our specially designed tubs and warm water make for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for your furry friend.

3. Cost-effective

Professional grooming services can be expensive, but our DIY dog wash facilities offer a cost-effective solution. You can wash your dog as often as you like without having to pay for professional grooming services every time.

4. State-of-the-art

Our indoor dog wash facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including adjustable water temperature and pressure, powerful dryers, and a range of shampoos and conditioners to suit your dog’s specific needs.

5. Clean and hygienic

Our dog wash facilities are regularly cleaned and sanitized, ensuring a clean and hygienic space for you and your furry friend.

So come down to Pitstop Group Carwash in Geelong and try our DIY dog wash facilities today! Our friendly staff are always on hand to assist you and your furry friend, and we guarantee you’ll leave with a clean and happy dog. Conveniently located in North Geelong, it is also the ideal location to give your dog a wash before boarding or after landing on the Spirit of Tasmania.

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