Reverse Cameras For Cars, Trucks & Caravans in Geelong

Want to be able to reverse your vehicle without a fuss? Pitstop Group can install a range of high tech reverse cameras for cars, trucks and caravans in Geelong.

We can install a range of reverse cameras at our workshop or post them out to you if you’re looking to install one yourself. Having a reverse camera fitted on your vehicle is ideal, especially if it is used for commercial purposes or is highly valuable.

Our reverse cameras use the latest technology to help you reverse or park perfectly every time, even if you’re an accomplished truck driver that is used to reversing, why put in all that work when you can install a small reverse camera and reverse with relative ease!

The main brands that Pitstop Group offer are Parksafe and Parkmate, two of Australia’s leading manufacturers in parking camera technology, giving you access to industry leading products that are suitable for everything from a small car to a semi-trailer.

We have both smaller affordable options and heavy duty reverse cameras made specifically for trucking fleets. If you’re not sure what kind of camera would most suit your needs, come and visit us in store for a chat.

We can recommend the appropriate system and even install it for you on-site. Otherwise, if you would prefer to install it yourself we can also offer you free postage to your address.

We also install a range of GPS trackers for fleet vehicles in Geelong.

Get in touch with Pitstop Group to book your detailing service or drop in to our 24-hour self-service car wash.

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