GPS trackers installed in Geelong

Pitstop Group can install, supply and fit iDrive GPS trackers for Geelong vehicles, including classic cars, modern vehicles and trucks. We can provide you with one of the latest high-tech GPS tracking devices that supplies you with accurate data and geolocation tracking to ensure you always know where your vehicles are on the road, or even on the water!

Our small GPS tracking device can be used discretely on any type of vehicle, as long as it has a battery. The GPS tracking device integrates with an easy-to-use iOS and Android app that allows you to keep track of your vehicles in real time.

This device is suitable for both commercial and personal use. If you own an expensive classic car and want to prevent theft, or at least be able to assist police in locating the vehicle should anything go wrong, this device is the perfect choice for you.

On the other hand, it can simply be used as a safety precaution to ensure you know where your loved ones or employees are at all times, whether they’re on the road for work or out on the boat during holidays.

GPS tracking devices for fleet vehicles

GPS tracking for fleet vehicles is an important part of managing fleets, whether you have a fleet of five small vehicle or a large fleet of trucks, our GPS tracking device and the connected mobile app will allow you to efficiently keep track of unlimited amount of vehicles in one place.

The best things about our GPS tracking device is that it’s easy to install yourself with only two wires to take care of, if you wish to install the device yourself we can offer you free postage. Our team are also more than happy to install the system for you at our workshop. Contact us if you would like further information on our GPS tracking device for Geelong fleets or click the button below to grab one for yourself.

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