Car accessories in North Geelong

When you bring your car in for a service or detailing package at Pitstop Group, we can also fit a range of car accessories, including (but not limited to) the following:

Reverse Cameras

Improve driver and pedestrian safety with a reverse camera. At Pitstop Group we can supply and fit a range of reverse cameras for your vehicle in Geelong, whether car, caravan, truck or trailer.

Electrical car accessories

We offer a range of electrical car products including battery chargers, 12V Air compressors, hand-held jump start packs and much more at Pitstop Marine & Automotive in North Geelong.

Electrical brake controllers

Pitstop Marine & Automotive also provide clients with a range of electric brake controllers, which serve the function of offering safer towing and a smoother brake response. For ensure the braking system 0f your 12v or 24v vehicle is controlled and safe, you can’t look past the renowned Redarc brake controllers.

Dual battery systems

Dual battery systems are used to efficiently charge and extend the battery life of batteries in commercial and 4WD vehicles. We proudly supply the Redarc products to our clients which are widely known as the leading battery isolators, equipped with fault detection and LED indication features which make for top performance.

Seat covers

Browse our range of premium black duck seat covers suitable for cars and vehicles of all types, particularly for 4-wheel drives. We also supply a range of Supafit seat covers to clients in Geelong for competitive prices.

Please contact us for details and pricing, we also stock a range of boat accessories at our Geelong store.

Get in touch with Pitstop Group to book your detailing service or drop in to our 24-hour self-service car wash.

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