iDrive accessories for Geelong vehicles

Pitstop Group sell and install a range of iDrive accessories in Geelong for motoring enthusiasts. These accessories can take your vehicle performance and overall driving experience to the next level!

We can supply and install iDrive GPS tracking devices, throttle controllers, and more.

iDrive throttle controller

The iDrive throttle controller is a unique automotive accessory that works by changing the voltage signal from your electronic throttle, allowing you to alter and determine the response from your accelerator, which reduces any lag that may be experienced from the throttle.

It doesn’t make the throttle more powerful, but it does allow you to have a sharper throttle curve, allowing you to reduce the pressure needed to be put on the pedal in order to produce a response, effectively decreasing the annoying and jolting delayed response you experience when you put your foot down, especially from a dead stop.

The best thing about the iDrive throttle controller is that it can be installed in any car made after 2000 and can be plugged directly into the accelerator in as little as 5 minutes! Enjoy 4 driving modes and 20 adjustable settings for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

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Pitstop Group sell and install iDrive Australia products because they’re user-friendly, easy to install products that are made to improve the performance of your vehicle for years to come, made by motoring enthusiasts for motoring enthusiasts!

We can also install reverse cameras for vehicles reverse Cameras, including cars, trucks and caravans. If you would like any further information about our range of iDrive accessories in Geelong please contact our team.

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