12v Inflation & Deflation Air Pump



Inflate and deflate your Bartlett Inflatable Pontoon to your preferred PSI with this 12v Inflation & Deflation Air Pump. These pumps are perfect for inflating or deflating not just your Bartlett Inflatable Pontoon, but also other inflatable items such as stand-up paddle boards, ski inflatables or air mattresses. The greatest feature of the clever pumps is their ability to remove every bit of air from your pontoon, allowing for the smallest of pack-ups to fit back in the bag and transport!


  • Voltage 12V DC
  • Fitted with cigarette lighter plug
  • Fast air flow of 350L/min
  • Size 23cm x 18 x 15cm
  • Pressure pre-set range: 0-20 PSI (1 PSI = 0.069 bar)
  • Includes 6 x different adaptors

This compact pump packs up neatly, and is easy to transport. Best of all, it saves all the work of using a manual hand pump!