Clearview Screen Shield Ceramic Protective Spray 250ml incl microfibre cloth


SCREEN Shield is an Australian manufactured product that is unique in the fact it is a cleaner and protective coating in one.

Specifications incorporates a blend of surfactant and ceramic technology delivering an efficient cleaning agent that leaves the surface with a hydrophobic coating.

Simply spray SCREEN Shield on the surface you want cleaned, leave it sit for around 45 seconds then lightly buff in with a microfibre cloth.

SCREEN Shield will then leave a ceramic coating on the surface that will protect the surface from contaminants. It’s perfect for home use with shower screens, glass pool fences, kitchen areas, windows as well as outdoor equipment such as fishing gear, sounder and GPS screens, boat windows and any surface that needs protecting, even your polarised sunglasses.

SCREEN Shield is 100% formulated and manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions and is also made to ISO9001 meaning it’s manufactured to the highest standards recognised worldwide.

• Ideal for any glass surface that has a chance to get wet.
• Can be used on electrical screens.
• Buff of surface for maximum coating and finish
• PH neutral.
• Non hazardous.
• Ceramic based leaving a protective layer over the glass.
• Protects paint.
• Resistant to salt & UV.
• Australian made.

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