The Ultimate Nudge Bart to suit ISUZU MU-X 2021 – ON (2nd Gen, RJ)



• Material: 3mm mild-steel
• Protective coat: Zinc Plated
• Finish Coat: Mannex Black textured Powder Coat
• Finish Centre Pan Coat: Satin Silver Powder Coat
• ADR Compliant
• Airbag Compatible
• Dimensions: (L) x (W) x (H)
• Weight: < 30Kg


Manufactured with 100% Australian-made, 3mm steel for a rigid design.


Designed with modern vehicle styling in mind, contouring to the vehicle for minimal forward projection.


Bundled with an Ultimate9 LED Light Bar that nestles behind the front face with access holes for adjustment.


Zinc-plated for corrosion protection & powder coated with Dulux Mannex Black textured powder coat with a Silver Pearl coated centre pan.


Included points for UHF & mobile phone antennas, and additional Ultimate9 LED Light Bars.


Designed to meet ADR standards and tested for airbag compatibility.

Available on back-order




Ultimate9 Nudge Bars provide a layer of protection for the front of your vehicle to shield vital components such as the radiator in the event of an accident.

Their design has a low impact on front-end weight and also functions as a mounting platform with provision for UHF & mobile phone antennas, sand flags and additional Ultimate9 LED Light Bars.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia with Australian 3mm steel, the low-profile, over-bumper design offers minimal forward projection and is packaged with an Ultimate9 LED Light Bar nestled in the front face.

Finished in a Dulux Mannex Black textured powder coat with a Satin Silver coated centre pan for corrosion protection and a modern feel.


  • Australian-made: Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia.
  • Steel Frame: 100% Australian-made steel.
  • Airbag Compatible: Tested for airbag compatibility
  • ADR Compliant: Designed to meet ADR standards.
  • Low Profile: Over bumper design with minimal forward projection
  • LED Lighting: Includes an Ultimate9 LED Light Bar 30″
  • Lightweight: Weighing under 30Kg with included light bar
  • Corrosion Protected: Zinc-plated.
  • Finish: Dulux Mannex black textured powder coat with Satin Silver powder coated centre pan


Kit Includes:

• Nudge Bar
• Ultimate9 LED Light Bar 26″
• Ultimate9 Auxiliary Loom Twin Output Connector
• Parking Sensor Extension Looms (front-sensor models only)
• Headlight Piggyback Harness
• OE Style Light Switch
• Installation Hardware
• Instructions