Witi Anti-The, Brake Controller, GPS and Wireless Towing


Australia’s most advanced anti-theft system for caravans and trailers with
electric brakes. WiTi Anti-Theft is sensitive to movement, in the event an
attempt is made to steal a caravan or trailer the alarm will sound, the lights will
flash and the brakes will lock, immobilising the caravan or trailer.
Now including Intrusion detection with the supplied Wireless PIR Motion
Sensor and Wireless Magnetic Door Switch.

The WiTi Wireless Brake Controller plugs into a standard 12V socket and
includes an LCD screed to display control data. The WiTi Wireless Brake
Controller is a proportional controller that applies braking to the caravan or
trailer in proportion to the rate of deceleration. It also includes to significant
industry innovations – Hill Descent Control and Brake Smoothing.

WiTi GPS incorporates a GPS module for tracking and monitoring the caravan
or trailer. An IOS or Android App is available for free download and provides
information on the location of the caravan / trailer as well key information
such as battery voltage and alarm status. The app also provides alerts for
alarm activation, low batttery voltage and battery disconnect. Tracking and
alerting is priced from $49 per year. This is charged on registration of the GPS.
See Witi website for more information.


WiTi Wireless Towing Interface replaces the cables and plugs connecting a tow
vehicle and trailer with an advanced wireless interface. WiTi transmits all
lighting and braking signals though wireless signals. Although we use wifi, WiTi
is not dependent upon the internet and communication is point-to-point.
WiTi Wireless Towing Interface supports all CanBus vehicles with advanced
electornics. For example, VW Amarok & Toureg, Ford Ranger, Land Rover
Discovery, Dodge RAM, Ford F150 and others.



What’s included:

  • WiTi Anti-Theft System
  • Horn
  • 2x Remotes
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Door Magnet
  • User Manuals
  • WiTi Wireless Electric Brake Controller
  • WiTi GPS