Witi Motorhome Alarm System


WiTi Motorhome Alarm System is a revolutionary alarm system designed
specifically for motorhomes. If a motorhome is moved or bumped WiTi
Motorhome Alarm immediately flashes all the lights and sounds an alarm.
WiTi Motorhome Alarm will detect attempted break-ins via the door sensor and
PIR motion sensor as well as attempted the attempted theft of the motorhome. For the
ultimate security solution WiTi Motorhome Alarm can be upgraded with the
WiTi GPS for tracking and alerting.


WiTi Motorhome Alarm System.

WiTi Motorhome Alarm System
2 X Remote Controls
1 X Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
1 X Wireless Magnetic Door Switch
1 X External status LED
1 X Horn
1 X Wiring Loom