5 of the best accessories for Geelong boat enthusiasts

There really is no better feeling than the freedom and peace that being out on the water gives you. At Pitstop Carwash we provide boating enthusiasts with high-quality marine spare parts and boat accessories in Geelong. Here are five of the best boat accessories you should consider purchasing.

1. High-quality moorings

Effective moorings could easily be the difference between you returning to a safely tied up boat or a damaged one. Pitstop Carwash can provide you with mooring ropes from top boating brands that are built to last. Having mooring ropes you can depend on is crucial for any boating aficionado.

2. The latest safety equipment

It goes without saying that the most important equipment aboard any boat is the safety equipment. Life jackets, distress signalling equipment, and marine radios are just a few of the essential pieces of safety equipment you need on board with you at all times. Visit us in store to find the right safety equipment for your vessel.

3. A sound system

No we get to the fun stuff! Whether you enjoy listening to the radio while you fish, putting on a podcast or blasting your favourite tunes. Once you have installed a sound system on board, you’ve reached the pinnacle of the boating experience!

4. A comfortable chair

Pitstop Carwash has a full range of high-quality chairs that will take your boating experience to another level. Being on your boat should be about enjoying yourself in comfort and style, this should start where you spend most of your time on board – in the driver’s seat.

5. An up to date navigational system

There are some amazing, high-tech navigational systems available on the market at the moment. Assisting you with safety and finding your way to fishing hot spots or navigating the coastline, these are a must-have for any boating enthusiast keen on exploring new waters.

Contact Piststop Carwash to find out more about our boat accessories in Geelong. Our friendly team will help you find what you’re looking for.

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