Teak Top Inflatable Dry Dock (Free Shipping)


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Wanted Wake TEAK TOP Dry Dock

Portable inflatable Y dock pontoon.

This is great for the boat owner who wants easy fast access to their boat without the sand and mud coming along.
Just inflate it (takes about five minutes), then anchor it to the bank with pegs or by using droppers or weights. There are lots of options that will suit most situations.
Made from heavy duty Drop Stitch Vinyl fabric and inflates to be a stable safe platform that will allow your passengers easy safe access to your boat or watercraft.
This Y shape pontoon gives you the option to park/moor your boat in the centre space while allowing you to park two other boats/Jet Skis, SUP’s on either side.

Length: 6 Meters

Weight: 32kgs

Dock includes:

  • Pontoon Base
  • Storage bag
  • 12volt Pump
  • Built in rope anchor & tie points


    • Portability
    • Non Slip teak look deck
    • Very robust
    • Stable platform to walk on
    • Easy to clean with just a hose off
    • Quick & Easy to inflate/assemble and dis-assemble/deflate (approx 10mins)
    • It will minimize the damage to your boat/jet ski by not beaching it on shore
    • Lets you to launch Water Sports safely from the pontoon
    • You can moor multiple boats or jet skis to the pontoon
    • Stops you and passengers getting wet when getting on and off your boat
    • Stops passengers  getting mud or sand into your boat from wet & dirty feet