Headlight restoration in North Geelong

Are your headlights dull or damaged? Faded and yellowing headlights are dangerous and can also ruin the overall look and feel of your vehicle. Bring your car in to Pitstop Group in North Geelong for a full headlight restoration.

What causes faded headlights?

Both glass and plastic headlights are susceptible to yellowing or fading. The outer surface of the headlight degrades with exposure to UV radiation, resulting in cloudy, scratched or foggy light.

Why do I need headlight restoration?

Damage to headlights is not only aesthetic – even a slightly clouded lens results in a reduced light output and reduces driver vision, making night driving in particular more hazardous and increasing the likelihood of driver fatigue.

What’s involved in headlight restoration?

When you bring your car in to Pitstop Group in North Geelong, our headlight restoration service will have your car and its lights back to looking their best in no time. Our multi-stage polishing and rejuvenation starts with wet-sanding, followed by various stages of cutting and compounding to restore your headlights.

Enjoy maximum peace of mind knowing your family is safe and your car looks as good as it did the day you bought it.

Our headlight restoration includes the option to apply a ceramic coating over the top of your headlights at the end, providing a life expectancy of three to five years. We can also apply a special car glass coating to your vehicle’s other glass surfaces for ultimate protection.

Please contact us to find out more or book in for your headlight restoration.

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