North Geelong marine detailing specialists

A boat is a large investment – and one it’s important to look after! We can take care of all your marine detailing needs at Pitstop Group in North Geelong, ensuring your boat looks and runs as good as new.

You can bring your boat in to us, or our experienced team can come to you for a full range of boat detailing services, from gel coat restoration to carpet cleaning. We use the System X ceramic coatings range, specially formulated to protect your boat, yacht or other marine craft from the elements.

As an accredited installation centre for System X, our team delivers maximum results that last longer. You can simply enjoy your boat, knowing we’ve provided the highest level of care and protection.


State-of-the-art boat detailing facility in North Geelong

We have a boat detailing studio fitted out with cutting-edge machinery and all work is completed on a trailer under correction lights to ensure optimum results.

Whether you need boat glass protection, gel coat restoration, paint correction, carpet cleaning or a full boat detail, our experienced team can handle boats of all shapes and sizes. From washing and de-waxing to cutting, buffing, polishing and shampooing, we’ll have your boat looking like new!

Pitstop Marine & Automotive uses System X Renegade and System X Xtreme ceramic coatings which are specially formulated to provide advanced protection for boats and other marine crafts. Exposure to salt, UV rays, acids, exhaust fumes and other contaminants can cause structural and cosmetic damage to your boat or marine vessel.

The System X range of ceramic coatings are designed to protect your boat from the harsh marine environment, eliminating the need for costly regular short-term detailing fixes and enhancing colour, gloss and surface brilliance.

System X coatings work by chemically bonding to your boat’s surfaces, creating a new, stronger protective shell. This new, mirror-like shell is ultra-hydrophobic, extremely resistant to corrosion, friction and solvents and is flexible, so the coating won’t crack or fragment if your hull swells.

No matter where your boat is – whether kept at the dock or at sea – System X protects all surfaces, from fibreglass and stainless areas, to glass surfaces above and below the water.

After our comprehensive boat detailing, all you need to do is regularly wash your boat to keep it looking ship-shape – and washing is so much easier with System X preventing grime, pollution, corrosion and other contaminants from building up.

Mobile marine detailing

The team at Pitstop Group also provides a mobile marine detailing workshop for dry docked or moored boats. We can bring our fully mobile workshop to you. Please contact us to find out more about this service.

If you want to give your boat a thorough clean between marine detailing , we have the largest boat hand wash in North Geelong.

Get in touch with Pitstop Group to book your detailing service or drop in to our 24-hour self-service car wash.

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