Paintless dent repair in North Geelong

If you’re looking for paintless dent repair in North Geelong, come to the trusted experts at Pitstop Group. We specialise in the professional repair of car dents, hail damage and small dings where the paint is undamaged.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair corrects panel damage without using putty, sanding, fillers or spraypaint work – and leaves your vehicle with a factory-fresh look.

We have specialised tools allowing us to manipulate the metal, gently massaging out small and medium car dents, without impacting the exterior paintwork.

Paintless dent repair is the perfect solution for car park dings, dents or hail damage, approved by insurance companies and offering a faster and more cost-effective fix than traditional dent repair work.

With no need for spray painting or other paintwork, paintless dent repair removes the risk of uneven, patchy or mismatched paintwork. This also ensures no risk of paint shrinking several months after repair, and maintains the original paint job – improving the look of your vehicle and boosting resale value.

But don’t worry if you’ve had a dodgy dent repair job in the past. Just bring your car into Pitstop Groups car wash in North Geelong and our team can assess the damage and decide whether a full paint correction job is required. We can also help with all your marine and detailing services.

Get in touch with Pitstop Group to book your detailing service or drop in to our 24-hour self-service car wash.

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