MTE Wakeboard Tower (Anodised)

Original price was: $2,478.00.Current price is: $1,499.00.

For a great wakeboard tower that allows you to easily pull wakeboarders behind your boat, you need the MTE wakeboard tower. With heavy duty aluminum construction and patented additions, you won’t find a better wakeboard tower at this price point.

The MTE not only fits any boat, but also any budget. The MTE is our entry level tower. Simple styling and a super low price leaves you more money for accessories, but still gives you a tower that will transform your boat and your time on the water. Although lower priced, you can trust that the same Monster quality is in the MTE that goes in our other universal towers.

The MTE wakeboard tower features a single bar header made of beefy 2-1/2″ diameter aerospace grade aluminum. Upgrade your boat with an affordable wakeboard tower that is easy to install and you are guaranteed to love!

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