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DIY Dog Wash Geelong

Convenient and stress-free DIY dog wash at Pitstop Group carwash in Geelong

If you’re a dog lover, you know how important it is to keep your furry friend clean and healthy. However, bathing your dog at home can be daunting, especially if your furry friend is large or not a fan of being washed. That’s where Pitstop Group Carwash in Geelong comes in! Our state-of-the-art indoor dog... Read more
*m straight inflatable pontoon deck - Bartlett's brand

Inflatable portable pontoons and docks

Hey there, boat enthusiasts! Ready to elevate your boating experience? Look no further than a portable blow-up floating dock! These docks are perfect for taking with you wherever you go, whether it’s to the lake for a day trip or on a week-long boating adventure. Imagine anchoring your boat in a peaceful cove, inflating your... Read more
A camper trailer in Geelong needing a wash.

Preparing your camper trailer, RV, or caravan with a wash before boarding the SOT in Geelong

Our┬ácaravan and RV wash in Geelong┬áhas all the equipment and products you need to ensure that your vehicle is good to ride to Tassie. Don’t take the risk of being sent away by the SOT because of a vehicle that hasn’t been cleaned very well. If you’re a caravan, RV, or camper trailer owner preparing... Read more

5 of the best accessories for Geelong boat enthusiasts

There really is no better feeling than the freedom and peace that being out on the water gives you. At Pitstop Carwash we provide boating enthusiasts with high-quality marine spare parts and boat accessories in Geelong. Here are five of the best boat accessories you should consider purchasing. Effective moorings could easily be the difference... Read more

System X-accredited vehicle detailing Geelong

Is your car looking old and worn? Maybe your headlights are faded and your paintwork has a few scratches and dents. Bring your car into our vehicle detailing centre in North Geelong and the team at Pitstop Car Wash will have your car looking and feeling brand-new again! We’re proud to be a System X... Read more

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